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Elective Courses

Take elective courses in Business/Management, Design/Technology, and Technology Development .

Students may select elective courses each semester based on their interests, whether it is a specialization in business/management, design/technology, or technology development. Electives may be offered as a regular course (9 units) or a small course (6 units).


• 56-610: Introduction to Blockchain
• 56-611: Project Management
• 56-612: Business Strategy and Analytics
• 56-613: Marketing Digital Media
• 56-614: Strategic Communication and Negotiation
• 56-710: Intellectual Property Law in Media, Entertainment, and Technology
• 56-711: Entrepreneurial Financing and Investing
• 56-712: Influencer Marketing Strategy
• 56-713: Test Your Startup Idea: Lean Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, and Rapid Prototyping in Action!
• 56-714: Startup from Idea to Impact


• 56-621: Introduction to Motion Graphic
• 56-622: Building Virtual Realities II
• 56-623: Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation I
• 56-624: Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation II
• 56-625: Introduction to VR/AR/MR
• 56-626: Introduction to Game Development
• 56-627: Introduction to Virtual Production
• 56-721: 3D Art and Audio Pipeline for Game Development
• 56-722: User Experience & User Interface Design
• 56-723: Human-centered UI/UX Design Crash Course
• 56-724: Accessibility and Universal Design
• 56-725: Graphics and Visual Storytelling
• 56-726: Festival Production and Design
• 56-727: Design Thinking, Innovation, and Creative Confidence
• 56-728: Interaction Design and Experiential Design


• 56-631: Introduction to Web Programming
• 56-632: Introduction to IoT with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
• I56-633: Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
• 56-634: Introduction to Neural Network and Deep learning
• 56-635: Startup Engineering
• 56-731: User Research Methodologies & Data
• 56-732: Software Development Processes and Methodologies
• 56-733: Storytelling with Data
• 56-734: Visualization
• 56-735: Ethical Principles for AI (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics)
• 56-736: Creating Explainable AI

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OverviewUniversityMSTCI Curriculum4+1 ProgramCore CoursesElective Courses