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Core Courses

Our core courses have you doing everything from improvisational acting to building virtual worlds.

Every student is required to take a total of 48 units of core courses as a part of their MSTCI degree requirements and is usually recommended to plan to take 1-2 core courses (12 units) per semester. See sample schedule on MSTCI Curriculum page.

Core courses

AI for Business

12 units

This course is a comprehensive master's degree course designed to equip professionals with practical and profound comprehension of AI and its practical applications in the business realm. It aims to facilitate a clear understanding of the business problems that AI can address, explore AI use cases across diverse industries, and present case studies and best practices.

Improvisational Acting

12 units

The students will be introduced to user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, the role of designers, and the design process. To reinforce UX and UI design principles, students will assess and provide analysis on the design of an existing product and learn about modern design tools.

and Innovation

12 units

Students will be able to think strategically about communication and negotiation with shared value in Business and Communication Class. This class will also assist students in sharpening their oral presentation, interpersonal communication, and negotiation skills as leaders. We will look at a variety of case studies as examples of best practices and guidelines based on research and experience.

Building Virtual Realities I

12 units

BVR is an introductory but highly intensive and hands-on class in which students are introduced to the development process of mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality experiences. Small teams of students are challenged to create virtual worlds quickly and creatively together using Unity and other industry-standard tools. While this class is highly technical and intensive, it is beginner friendly, and no previous experience is required.

Foundations of Creative Innovation

12 units

Students work on developing a leadership and teamwork mindset. Throughout the semester, workshops and lectures will be given by industry experts and guest lecturers to provide historical context for creative innovation. In this semester-long class, students work in small groups to develop ideas for their Capstone projects. At the annual CMKL Innovation Summit, proposals are developed, and final pitches are delivered to a panel of selected faculty members and industry professionals.

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OverviewUniversityMSTCI Curriculum4+1 ProgramCore CoursesElective Courses