For the best aspiring programmers, artists, and entrepreneurs

Scholarships and Fellowships

For the best aspiring programmers, artists, and entrepreneurs

Scholarships are offered to the best and brightest undergraduate students and successful qualified professionals. On this page you can find out about all the scholarships and fellowships available to EIC students. EIC currently offers 5 different scholarships and fellowships.

Three scholarships for current undergraduate students:

- Future Leaders in the Arts (FLA)
- Future Leaders in Technology (FLT)
- Future Leaders in Business (FLB)

One scholarship for aspiring professionals with work experience:

- Merit Scholarship for Professional Achievement (MSPA)

And one fellowship that is a research assistant grant:

- Ideation Lab Fellowship (ILF)

Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

For the best aspiring programmers, artists, and Designers

CMKL University partners with the country's best undergraduate programs in the arts, business, and technology in order to provide our resources and extend our scholarship opportunities to eligible students that want to plan for their Master's Degree early and expedite their educational track.

Not only MSTCI 4+1 Track students will earn both their Bachelor's and Master's Degree in less than 5 years, they can do it at a fraction of the usual cost when compare to regular admission and once factoring in the scholarship support. 

Scholarships for Professionals

For Professionals with Outstanding Accomplishments

Students applying for regular admission to the MSTCI program are automatically being considered for merit-based financial support. 

Because EIC prioritizes teamwork, collaboration across disciplines, hands-on experience, and believes that each student's expertise can contribute immensely to the group, merit-based scholarships is granted based on the work that each student has done in and for their industry. EIC believes that, by bringing the brightest together, we are bridging the best of both worlds and allow for magic to happen.

When filling the application form, students can also choose whether they would like to be considered for a lab fellowship grant, which typically includes a work/research position for the students to further reduce their tuition. A fellowship is granted based on student background and the nature of current research projects.

EIC current offers two scholarships for students applying through regular admission:

- Merit Scholarship for Professional Accomplishments (MSPA)
- EIC Ideation Lab Fellowship (ILF)

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